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Hip Hop Retreat Week Festival / Conference 2017

HIP HOP RETREAT WEEK is an experience that will educate and motivate independent music artists and brands to flourish in Hip-Hop and beyond. #HHRW will build the knowledge of the indie artist and brands that have not been fortunate enough to attend other music festivals and conferences outside of NYC. Not only is New York City the “mecca” of hip-hop music, it is still the home to the headquarters of various major executives and music companies known around the world of music.

Hip-Hop Retreat Week will service all its guests with the chance to meet and learn from the industry’s TOP professionals in music, digital media, and entertainment. From conferences to concerts (and other special events), #HHRW attendees will be granted an experience to take full advantage of what NYC has to offer INDEPENDENTLY. 

With over 250 INDEPENDENT ARTISTS to be booked for special events and concerts, #HHRW is confident that raw talent and new faces will be discovered and well-received by our audience.