By Shavonne Taisha

It's about that time - New year, better me. But what we all fail to realize is each year we have been challenged to manifest our highest self. Some days we've chosen to walk into our shadows. While other days we highlighted our cheek bones, tighten our laces and prepared for our latest win! Life has come with unexcusable grief, but behind every door the lessons have been for our betterment. Here's a few tips on to how to draw positivity and light into your new year:

1. IF THE DOOR DOESN'T OPEN, IT'S NOT YOUR DOOR! We have waited, cried and prayed for things that may or may not have been beneficial to our purpose! The door knob you are constantly tugging on hasn't unlocked because that door is not for you. What is for you will come to you as easy as your name! You will own it and feel powerful doing so. It will bring you joy and not dishonor you. 

2. LET GO OF WHAT DOESN'T SERVE YOU - LET IT GO BABY. I know how easy it is to remain S T U C K. Letting go of the bags that weigh you down will help you rise to the heights you've only dreamed about.

3. YOUR PEACE IS EXPENSIVE - Stop wasting your prime with anyone or anything that weakens you. It doesn't matter whether it's your friends, coworkers, an ex, your crush, or a relative. Whoever and whatever doesn't provide you with endless smiles, is deteriorating your growth. Peace and tranquility help to balance out all that is within you. If you are chaotic inside you will be chaotic outside.

4. BE KIND TO YOURSELF - You compliment everyone else so easily! So it should come as no surprise when I tell you that you can compliment yourself and still be humble. Speak life into your existence by honoring your mind, body, and soul with food, people, energy, hobbies, crafts anything that builds your spirit.  Build a routine that involves moments to celebrate you!

5. YOU CAN'T PLEASE EVERYONE - Please God, Please yourself. If your worth is constantly validated by how others see you, you will be dependent on their opinions foreverrrrrrr. It is okay to be selfish! If you're focused on pleasing people you will never be happy. Your cup must be full in order to pour into others. They'll always have "another need, another problem for you to solve." Solve your own, by being real with yourself.  What do you need? What do you require?

6. UNF*CK YOURSELF - Be exactly who you were before them but better! Be the magical being that you were born to be. Step into your power and reclaim your time. Find the elements of you that others shattered, called difficult or even discredited. Honor the pieces of your dynamic puzzle.

7. CHANGE IS INEVITABLE - The only thing that's constant in this life is change. Be prepared for any and everything! Your plans have nothing on what the Universe has in store for you! Be ready to accept it.

8. SET BOUNDARIES - There is nothing wrong with boundaries, isolation, or separation! Boundaries help you to remain disciplined in your path! So "TEK WEH YUHSELF AND CUT DEM OFF!" Create barriers for your energy, time, money, and soul that you will not regret it!

..Wishing you all prosperity, love, and wealth in this upcoming year!