Brothers Before Business

Brothers Before Business

By Shavonne Taisha

Ronny Byas and Harvey Leon have been friends for 19 years. But unlike most friends they have collectively turned their personal interest into a business and a legacy! Byas & Leon begun 7 years ago as a thrift shop online, but in 2019 the “besties” decided it was time to open their first of many brick and mortar stores.

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With multiple businesses between them, these two gentlemen not only are new York’s finest but Ayitian sensations! The joyous smiles, hearty laughter, and full beards are no match for their intellect and innate ability to dominate the execution of all projects and task.

Melyssa W. of MLNNNYC had the pleasure of interviewing Ronny and Harvey at their brick and mortar, Byas & Leon which is located on 404 Tompkins Ave in Brooklyn,New York.