Manifest Monday: Goddess Skin & Body

Manifest Monday: Goddess Skin & Body

By Shavonne Taisha

Shavonne Taisha: Who is Destiny Fomby?

Owner of Goddess Skin and Body, Destiny Fomby

Owner of Goddess Skin and Body, Destiny Fomby

Destiny Fomby: I am a mother, that’s what I’m most proud of. I’m an entrepreneur. A nature lover. I’m a woman who is constantly evolving and discovering different part of herself.

Shavonne: What inspired you to created Goddess Skin + Body?

Destiny: I’ve always loved the beauty industry. My mom owned a salon, so I grew up around it. In 2016 I went school to become an esthetician and that’s when I fell in love with skincare. It wasn’t just the products or the makeup that I loved, I loved women’s reactions after their facials when they took a look at their skin. Not only was their skin glowing, but the actual women were glowing. From the inside. I had a few returning guests, so I got to see their confidence improve as their skin became clear. Being able to witness that was such an incredible feeling. 

So I graduated and a couple months later, I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t want to have to return to work after the standard 6 weeks of maternity leave because I wanted to have time to really enjoy motherhood and I started looking for jobs I could do from home.

While I was pregnant, I became super conscious of the things I put onto my body and eventually started making my own products. One day my sister complimented how soft my skin was and my face lit up. It immediately reminded me of the many women I had the pleasure of performing facials on. Then it clicked. “Turn this into a business,” I told myself and in September of 2018, Goddess Skin + Body was born- exactly a year after my son.

Goddess Skin + Body came about because I wanted to create products that were safe to use and I also wanted to continue to play a small role in helping women’s confidence improve.

Shavonne: How does the word "goddess" resonate with you?

Destiny: To me, being a goddess is about self love. It’s about self confidence. It’s about owning who you are. Owning every aspect of yourself- the good and the bad. It’s about acknowledging your power and standing in it. 

Shavonne: Where did you develop your knowledge of herbal remedy?

Destiny: A year before I made the decision to become an esthetician, I became vegan. I changed my eating habits and did a lot of research on living a plant based lifestyle. I DIYed a lot of herbal remedies and school also taught me a lot of what I know. 

Shavonne: What additional products are you hoping to add to your line?

Destiny: I’m so excited to add more body care products. I’ve got a lot up my sleeve.

Shavonne: What do you hope your clients gain from your product experience?

Destiny: I want my clients to feel like Goddesses. I want my products to positively affect their skin and their life.

I also really want to encourage women (and men) to really take a look at the products their using, read the backs of the labels, and look up the ingredients. A lot of these ingredients are toxic and known to cause cancer and other illnesses. I want to encourage people to make the switch to clean beauty. Your health is way too important to be playing around with unhealthy ingredients.

Shavonne: What can we expect form Goddess Skin + Body in the future?

Destiny: I’m planning on participating in a lot more pop up shops and events and I want to take Goddess Skin + Body on the road. So be on the lookout- we might be in your city in the very near future!

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