Manifest Monday: Haus of Klyde

Manifest Monday: Haus of Klyde

By Shavonne Taisha

Clyde Wright is unlike any designer we’ve ever seen. As the head designer and owner of Haus of Klyde he uses his work to create and inclusive spaces for all. I caught up with Clyde after seeing Haus of Klyde in a few friends IG stories and couldn’t wait to reach out!

Shavonne Taisha: Your Instagram bio says, "My Haus my rules." How do your designs  redefine the narrative of what  "men's clothing" should look like?

Clyde: Redefining that narrative for me is going back to where that narrative slowly began, I like using vintage notes from the 70s and the 80s where fashion for men was fluid and fun. By picking up familiar fabrics and shapes I’m able to follow the trend while breaking the barrier all at once.

Shavonne: How does Haus of Klyde differentiate itself in the rising gender fluid market?

Clyde: I would like to point out the gender fluidity in my opinion falls in style and not fashion. The best way to open that door is by offering that same on both ends for both customers. I would make a dress and a top thats similar in shape and fabric, I prefer dresses that are more loose than form fitting, and I prefer masculine cuts that work for feminine shapes and vice versa.

Shavonne: If you could change any of your "Haus" rules growing up what would it have been?

Clyde: I wish I grew up in a non smoking house. Yes I’m a smoker, but I didn’t realize how bad smoking in your house was until legit right now at 29.

Shavonne: You've stated that you have a scatter brain designer and like to work on multiple projects at once, How do you decide which of your designs get released first?

Clyde: Its all about which design is a complete sentence. Sometimes I have an idea and the execution isn’t as good as the idea, sometimes and idea comes out better than I thought. It's all about which is well thought out. Believe me there are a bunch of unseen pieces because they aren't complete thoughts.

Shavonne: How long is the production time of each piece?

Clyde: Normal production time is about 2-3 weeks honestly. It depends.

Shavonne: What is your favorite materials to play with?

Clyde: I love denim, and everything related. I also love printmaking as well!


Shavonne: What is your favorite design thus far? And why?

Clyde: Omg my favorite design thus far, that's like choosing a favorite child. I wouldn’t dare. I honestly don’t have one. I love all my work equally to say that they all have given me favorable moments where in production, or on the runway. But honestly it would be my Boy Scout Vest. I invested so much time in drafting this crazy idea of a vest, I was shocked when it came out right, I wanted more. At the time I was an embroider..long story. But anyway I started adding my embroidery work to my pieces and the vest became what is now my favorite piece. It just represents who I am as a designer.

Shavonne: Which of your skills has allowed you to transform into the designer we say today?

Clyde: My pattern drafting skills! My ability to dissect clothing into shapes has allowed me to literally transform and elevate my brand.

Shavonne: How have you incorporated your artwork into your designs?

Clyde: Im slowly incorporating my art into my clothes, while in college they were two completely different things. Joining the two together in my opinion I have to be careful of coming off as a cliche. My knowledge or Art and love for fashion has to play in a way that's harmonious to who I am not to what people want to see from me. Right now I’m looking for ways to have my prints put on fabric, i'm legit in the process now and looking to release pieces for Summer/Spring 20.

Shavonne: In what ways are you breaking the barriers in fashion?

Clyde: I’m breaking barriers in fashion by staying true to myself in design and not following social media trends. I'm breaking barriers by continuing to eliminate the middleman and learning to do things on my own, and eliminating the concept of couture being a luxury.

Shavonne: In which sector would you like to work in ?

Clyde: Production! I wanna be on the production room floor with the seamstresses meeting deadlines for huge international brands! I managed seamstresses in a tailor shop before and I fell in love with the energy.

Shavonne: What has been the best part of your journey as a fashion designer

Clyde: Honestly accomplishing goals before you can set them. Surprising myself constantly.

Shavonne: If you could single-handedly improve the fashion industry, what would you do to remodel it?

Clyde: Tom Ford literally already did it by shortening NYFW to allow for or the people to see the smaller shows held during the same time. I held a show directly across the street from the big shows and would've loved just a little bit of that press.

Shavonne: Describe one challenge and explain how you have overcame the challenges in your path.

Clyde: My biggest challenge im facing is presentation! I fall flat with presenting my work the way it needs to be seen. I have not overcame this I am still trying to figure out the best way to present myself and my work.

Shavonne: What should we expect from your upcoming collections?

Clyde: From my upcoming collections you will see more commercial work. My past collections have been filled with one of a kind ready to wear pieces this time I want to expand to become a little eccentric, and commercial. It's a new age of comfortability I feel like everyone should adopting new shapes and ideas sticking to traditions is boring.

Shavonne: Where do you see Haus of Klyde in 3 years?

Clyde: ….in 3 years I better be a bomb online ecommerce. That's all I want.


Check out Haus of Klyde online here.