Manifest Monday: Author Haunz Noire

Manifest Monday: Author Haunz Noire

By Shavonne Taisha

A few months back I had the pleasure of meeting Haunz Noire at the guest panel for the Townsend Harris High School Black Excellence Club. As he spilled his reality, and advice to the students his impactful words left me seeking a means to represent his grace with you all.

Below is a Q&A between myself and the author extraordinaire.

Shavonne: How long has writing been an outlet for your expression?

Haunz: I’ve been writing since the age of seven, I started out with short stories then moved to poetry in about eight grade, and I haven’t stopped since 

Shavonne: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Haunz: I realized I wanted to write at 25, life was changing so drastically, I needed to channel my energy into something I loved and fast.

Shavonne: Has your pen-name given you a new identity? If so, how do you balance your new life forms of expression with your past?

Haunz: Haunz Noire is my alter ego most definitely, For me, Haunz make it okay for me to reopen chapters and turn into into art, instead of dwelling on past short comings. 

One way I balance my current life with my past is seclusion, on the days I feel like I want to talk about a traumatic experience or a past relationship I sit with myself in a comfortable environment like a panera bread or a local coffee shop and I allow myself to be real with myself, No hold backs or fictional truth just my story being brought to life 

Shavonne: What motivated you to begin writing books?

Haunz:  Pain is the driving force behind writing my books, anytime I feel consumed with my own reality I take it to paper just so I can offload some of the excess stress.

Shavonne: As an author, what are some daily challenges you experience? How do you over come them?

Haunz:  One of my biggest daily challenges is being told how to interpret my writing, sometimes people tell me my writing is too dark or I should write shorter pieces and I find myself caving in, being the natural critic I am, I go back and forth with myself, all for me to end up back at I am awesome, and my writing has gotten me far as long as I keep it me, thats how I keep myself going by reminding myself to keep it me 

Shavonne: How many books have you written?  

Haunz: I have 2 books, quarter life crisis, I am currently still sitting with to see if I want to share it, When I was writing it I was in love with when I came close to finishing it I completely hated it, this is a big struggle for an artist/writer is losing interest in your own work, and my second book The Book Of Him should hit shelves everywhere this coming October 

Shavonne: Which book is your favorite thus far?

Haunz: The book of Him is my favorite, The manuscript itself is everything I wanted for my earlier works and I don’t see myself holding back in this one.  

Shavonne: What was the most exciting or empowering feedback you've ever received?

Haunz: The most empowering feed back as a writer I received was, the world needs my writing, being a spoken word artist and a writer, I come in contact with people in many different place and positions, Most days I’m in an audience of people I don’t know and I hear my writing is needed or my words were felt on a different level, phrases like these are like my little badges of honor, the world needs to hear my truth, then I think more on it and ask myself can the world really walk on my path for 2.5 just to help themselves through issues, it mind blowing and beautiful for me 

Shavonne: How have your friends and family played a role in your creative writing?

Haunz: My friends are my biggest helpers, each one of them plays a different role as a collective though, they keep me present, they push me to keep going with writing and performing, and when they see me shutting down or if they see me getting too consumed with situations, they say you are Haunz Noire nothing else matters keep going, it the greatest feeling on earth. My brother and uncle are also big factors, they always supporting me at events or sitting up till 2 am listening to pieces I’m writing giving me feedback and just making themselves available, one of the best things on earth is genuine support god definitely blessed me with a great support system. 

Shavonne: How often do you write?

Haunz: I can write anywhere between 50 to 150 poems a month, if I wanted to I can write a book a month however it’s not realistic to say I love each and every poem I write, sometimes its just a word dump to clear my mind.

Shavonne: Your Twitter and Instagram branding is phenomenal, can we expect some of these quotes to be in your next book

Haunz: You will definitely see some piece from instagram and Twitter in “The Book Of Him” more details are on the way, if you want updates on those details please follow me on Instagram @HaunzNoireSpeaks, Facebook Haunz Noire Speaks and Twitter @HaunzSpeaks