By Melyssa Willis

Whether you’re a dedicated member of Beyhive or not, you can’t deny that Beyoncé is an Icon. After watching her Netflix documentary special, “Beyoncé: Homecoming” which is based on her 2018 coachella headlining performance weekend known as Beychella; I was SHOOK! I was in awe of the performances, the music, the different looks, and just the celebration of black culture. The following day, I found various memes explaining how Beyoncé had once again broke the internet.

Having the chance to watch it again on the big screen reminded me that she made history that weekend. She revolutionized the industry and the culture. Beyoncé is the first black headliner of Coachella. Might I also add that she is the First BLACK woman to headline coachella. Unfortunately, in 2019, we are still heavily striving for diversity and have to continuously make note that we are still seeing “first” for many things in our society.   Beyoncé had once again snatched my edges. She brings an energy and initiative that gives you the ambition to want to achieve greatness similar to her accomplishments in her career.

Beyoncé’s diligent work ethic has made me feel ridiculous for ever complaining about having too much to do or calling out of work because I was “sick”.  While watching the documentary, we are given a glimpse of her life that made us feel more connected to her. Beyoncé: Homecoming is a reminder that she is human just like us. It showed a more relatable, raw, and intimate side of Beyoncé. We witnessed the creation of Beychella and saw how instrumental she was in the making of this iconic weekend. As well as getting the chance to see the creation of Beychella; the fact that she was evidently instrumental in the making of this iconic weekend. Beyoncé was inspired to honor and celebrate black heritage and culture. She used the HBCU aesthetic/lifestyle to represent the heart of black culture.  

I watched homecoming three times within two days, not only for the mind-blowing performances. but to have a few hours of nostalgia through the singalongs. She showed us just how much being a mother, wife, daughter, and an empowered black woman who embodies all those roles is the most significant part of who she is. I’m sure we’ve seen the memes online talking about the documentary, but my favorite one included her saying “instead of me pulling out my flower crown, it was more important that I brought our culture to coachella”. Everything from the performance to the documentary exudes and exemplify black culture in the most explicitly beautiful way.

Beyoncè depicted the beauty and essence of our culture. Beychella not only represented our culture, but defined the way we celebrate who we are. From the quotes of famous black icons, to the voice recordings of Nina Simone expressing her gratitude and love of being black, Homecoming makes you wanna shout “I’m black and I’m proud.” Beyonce left us all feeling overwhelmingly high off being unapologetically black.

Beyonce showed us the true meaning of being dedicated to your craft. Emphasizing on being a hard worker, in one scene as she is rigorously rehearsing she mentions, “That’s why people don’t like to rehearse. You have to be humble.” I watched in awe but also in slight embarrassment. Beyoncè was exhausted emotionally, mentally, and physically yet she continued rehearsing until she got it right. Can we all say that we’ve done that? Practice.Practice.Practice. Have we given our passion that much dedication?

We can all  be a Beyoncè, it’s possible. It’s obtainable. And it’s easy.  In fact, you have that inner Beyoncè in you, don’t doubt it. It might be sunken within, but it’s in you and it’s at your advantage whether you realize it or not. You have the power and energy to achieve your goals! When I say we have that inner “Beyoncè” in us, I’m talking about your self-confidence and self-power, that YOU command in everything that  you give substance to in your life. Whether it’s with people or family , your career, or your craft, you have the potential to give it your absolute best and nothing less. Go into the world and SNATCH YOUR OWN EDGES. Be the force that refuses to be dismissed by anyone. Women are often misunderstood and contradicted in our daily lives. Our resilience and strength as black women never tends to fail us, it might fade but it never goes away.  Beyoncè is well respected due to her hunger for success. That can be you, that is YOU. Don’t doubt or ignore it. You are Beyoncè. We all are Beyoncè. Lift your head up, put your crown on and recognize that you are the source of all you wish to accomplish. With hard work and self empowerment, you can achieve more than you could ever imagine