Black Women often Stand Alone

Black Women often Stand Alone

Black women have two options: Stand together, or remain alone. 

"Hi my loves," the phrase that now enchants social media. Laughter has taken the place of every serious issue. When Mo'Nique, a decorated actress, comedian, activist vocalized her disgrace with Netflix, it fell on deaf ears.  Her war cry for equal pay, led to the most outlandish, unsupportive comments. 

I watched as thousands to millions of people shredded Mo'Nique to pieces, calling her delusional, irrational, and countless other names our publications refrains from posting. Many couldn't gage how the former, Mrs. Parker could stand a chance against names like Amy Schumer, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and more who were offered millions of dollars for their Netflix comedy- specials. Many of those who forgot her Oscar winning performance in Precious, her countless film awards for Blackbird, and other comedy specials Netflix currently offers. 

As many know, Mo-Nique called for the Netflix-ban on grounds of gender and racial bias. Netflix is reportedly paying Schumer $13 million and whilst only offering Mo’Nique $500,000. Wanda Sikes was reportedly offered less than Mo'Nique. This controversy  started when the video went viral, Mo'Nique stated, “When Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle received their offers, they were $20 million. They were very public with their offers. When Amy Schumer received her offer, it was $11 million. She went back to Netfix and said ‘I shouldn’t get what the legends are getting, but because I’m a woman, I should get more [than the original offer].’ And Netfix agreed and they gave her $2 million more.” 

Where was  Mo'Niques millions? When first questioned she was told she didnt have as many accolades, but when her and her manager-husband, Sydney provided awards, and numbers they were still denied. These receipts were real! Those who questioned Mo'Nique's relevancy were put to shame..  but the questions continued, Was Mo'Nique saying she was worth millions, or was she simply asking for respect?

Being a woman in media, and occupying a black body comes with various trials. Understand that you will be paid lower than both white men, and women. Despite being celebrated by your people, in the mainstream media you are still required to be twice as good, to get half as far. There are no protest for Mo'Nique. She instead receives, "She should've just taken what was given," messages.  

Mo'Nique is not the first or the last woman to be stereotyped when standing her grounds. Vocal women of color are seen as loud, ghetto,and intimidating. Her calm, respectful tones when dealing with Charlamagne the God, Whoopi Goldberg, and other media personalities shows her delivery is never poor. This poise-mature idol has undergone the critque of everyone yet remains collected.