Bridget Perez is 'Bout That Life

Bridget Perez is 'Bout That Life

By Shavonne Taisha

Bridget Perez, is about that life. NO CAP.

Come Thru has to be the hottest video of the year. Bridget thrusted into December, with this artistic representation of two colliding worlds. She invites her love interest to the red light district for sensual exploration. Bridget’s lyrics bring sexuality and feminity from the core.

I feared deeply for myself and other lonely singles who may watch this and cultivate ideas! Bridget has us all sending “DTF?” or “Come thru.”

Bridget glorifies women being unafraid of receiving pleasure from their partner(s). In a time where women are reclaiming the right to take up space and own their bodies, Bridget is a gentle reminder that it’s perfectly fine to transform from submissive to “domination.”

On Friday, February 15th, Bridget gave us a sexual history lesson with her latest EP “FM.” We’re all swaying to the frequency of this three song master piece. “FM,” the title track was co-produced by Bridget Perez and Justyn Waves. The song “FM” is mixed by Sam Sherbin & Bridget Perez. “Come Thru” and “It’s Yours,” was produced by Bridget and mixed by Bae Bro. Bridget continues to bring the heat during this February!

** Disclaimer: If you’re listening to her be sure to wrap it up. (We don’t need anymore Scorpios). **

Click here to listen to the full EP.