Do yourself a favor, Believe in Yourself

Do yourself a favor, Believe in Yourself

By Melyssa W

Is it just me or do we say the same thing every year “THIS IS GOING TO BE MY YEAR” or we keep making  the same New Year's resolutions over and over. Feeling the constant need to announce this to others,social media, or even ourselves when we know damn well they will fade away within a week. Without making a glamorous announcement on how you want to become a better person, sometimes the key is just to DO it and BE it. You will surprise yourself because you won’t even be aware of the progress you will make. The strive and strength that you have within you is what you always had. 2018 was an amorous year of growth, you saw what you were capable of accomplishing. You might of felt you finally have put the pieces of the puzzle that you call your life together. Yet you still dealt with your crippling self doubt that was 100% responsible of making your plans become postponed.

Let’s be real, the equation is simple. Give yourself the opportunity to be happy. Crippling self doubt = You. You were responsible for blocking your blessings or taking a risk unfortunately letting fear be the villain in your life. You vs You. Mind you, I’m not knocking you down presumably this was me all year. I felt that i finally had a clue of how to put the pieces of this puzzle I called life together, however I got intimidated by life. Life kicked me in the ass a couple of times. Rather than refusing to try, I found a different way to achieve those goals. YOU CAN TOO. As we continue to grow and evolve, we are constantly met with the realities of life.

Sometimes life knocks us so far down, we feel as if we can’t find a way to pick ourselves up. We find ourselves feeling confused, disappointed, and perplexed on how to find that belief not in others or situations but within ourselves. It’s easy for us to self loathe and feel sympathy for ourselves without realizing that although it’s perfectly normal to comfort yourself, you must find the integrity and strength to rewind and play it again. 2019 is about believing in yourself to the fullest. Remaining HUMBLE but understanding that you are capable and worthy of fulfilment in your life! You deserve the success and acknowledgement that you hope to achieve with your belief in yourself. Belief in oneself is key to your focus,determination, and execution. All the knowledge that you’ve gathered in 2018 will help you become more clear about yourself. That is the reward that you need to make a consistent project as you continue to grow in the new year.

No more excuses, no more laziness,no more bullshit. Just do it. Simple as that. If you want it in your life, chase it, and don’t stop until you have fully grasp it. Don’t dream it, achieve it. If you can’t find it, DEMAND IT. Demand it with elegance,control, and respect. You are the author of your book, you decide how it ends. It’s imperative that the journey to our self discovery is in motion as long as we are alive. Use the incoming year to show humility, and confidence. Provide yourself the chance to be happy without feeling as though fear could disrupt.