Breaking the Barrier in Social Media

Breaking the Barrier in Social Media

By Leresa Gripper

My name is Leresa Gripper. I am black women in the entertainment and art management industry. Regarding media, I specialize in managing social media accounts i.e.: Instagram, Facebook, twitter etc. I have learned my effective social media management skills from trial and error, success in managing media accounts and learning from others.

There is currently a wave of women in media giving away valuable information, tips and online workshops to the public regarding social media. I am well aware sharing information is a tactic to draw more people to your page and business however, it also informs followers or viewers on the topic at hand. I have clicked and signed up from various beneficial pdfs and daily media tips via email through sponsored Instagram posts.

As an African - American Social Media Manager I have also realized 85% of the influencers and media moguls who share this valuable information are not derived from black ethnicity. There's a lack in colored and black women in media who share social media tips or have a vast network of followers to share with. I want to break the barrier of black and colored women in media not sharing and helping other people, specifically in the black owned community.

I am going to inform you in 3 main categories that will take your brand or business to the next level of success through social media.

1) Mission/Purpose

· When it comes to the mission or purpose of your brand/business the first step is to have one! Make it plain on paper who, what, when, where and why.

· Your social media page must interpret and illustrate your purpose. You illustrate your purpose through the content and visuals you post. Followers, friends and viewers should have a clear understanding regarding who you are and what you do.

· Many people use themes on their page that is synchronized with their brand. Whether it’s a color scheme or familiar patterns, designs or fonts people are attracted to creativity and organization. Confusion and too much going on is a turn off to many.

2) Media Presence

· Please be consistent *Sevyn Streeter voice*. You gain followers and new friends by constantly posting and updating them. Follow the trends and waves of your target audience. If you are going to attract a particular audience, you have to be able to speak their language.

· Too busy to post? Download a media scheduling app such as Bettr for Instagram or Hootsuite. These applications allow you to decide what date and time you would like to post on your page. After you download your desired post, caption etc. you choose a time and the app uploads the content to your page for you.

· Too busy to keep up with the trends? You can hire an amazing social media manager like myself to make sure your page stays up to date! There are no excuses for a poor social media presence.

· Respond to and follow up with people. Let them know you are not a robot by responding with personal messages or comments. Talk to people, reach out to them, join a conversation! Direct message and introduce yourself, ask questions or compliment someone else. You have nothing to lose by networking. Remember a No is also a blessing.

3) Enjoy Yourself

· BE ORIGINAL! Don't “do it for the gram”!! The Bow Wow Challenge is Whack. The worst thing you can do is front like you have it and then get exposed as a liar and a fraud. I know personally I rather you be real and upfront then deceive me. If your story is fabricated people don’t want to hear it. Period! Faking it might feel good at the moment but it never ends well.

· Walk it like you talk it! Following success stories are wonderful, however make sure you’re not trying to make your story theirs. Everyone has to endure their own process. God did not make clones for a reason! The world, your community and your family needs that special characteristic combination God only gave to you. For example, the world doesn't need another someone exactly like Rihanna. We have her, she’s bomb, she will always be legendary. Now the world needs you and what you have to offer!

· Sometimes you have to give a little to gain a lot. Engage your followers! Offer special packages, play fun games with giveaways, go live and talk to them etc. Even if you have one follower, be faithful to that one follower so when you gain 1,000 you won't miss a beat. If you are producing good content and have something original to offer you will gain followers, customers, and loyal viewers. Patience is key!