By Melyssa W. 

Shoutout to 2018. Reminding myself I’m still young but more I’m more of an adult that needs to be more present in time.

Shoutout to 2018 for being the year I finally allow myself to be empowered, righteous, and enlightened.


Shoutout to 2018 for finally blocking the negativity from the universe’s bullshit, people bullshit, and most importantly my messy bullshit. Block all toxic energy! If must block or unfollow  anyone, just know it’s personal because it’s for your sanity



Shoutout to 2018 for Accepting FORGIVENESS FOR YOURSELF. All the mistakes you made in 2017 is just a reflection of the lessons you will continue to learn as you grow in 2018. Forgive, let go, and love yourself more.



Shoutout to 2018, to take the steps to manifest the energy that you decide to share with the world and remember to give that back to yourself in order for you to be more fulfilled.



Shoutout to 2018 to giving support and love to the people who are the kindred souls to your being.



Shoutout to 2018, for being a woman. A black woman that continues to strive with strength,courage, and resilience to the world around her. Her value is never to be doubted or questioned.



Shoutout to 2018, for acknowledging the growth and process made in 2017 and how much more we have to go through.


Shoutout to 2018, to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. Loving yourself harder than ever? Because who else will?