The Golden Age of Being A Black Woman on TV

The Golden Age of Being A Black Woman on TV

By Melyssa W.

I'm in awe of the the black entertainment that is soaring in television. There is no surprise that black people excel at entertaining since we've always been theoriginal innovators of culture. We are cool as hell! We are finally given the chance to present this known fact to the world in our own words. Black shows such as Black-ish,Atlanta,Chewing Gum, and Insecure are gracefully winning. These shows are about capturing these cultivating compelling voices and stories that are amplifying perspectives of diversity, race, ethnicity, and gender. As gender is always a challenging, radical yet distinguished subject. It's a major topic that is persistently addressed especially as long as black shows are grow, a black woman is a always a principal character. Having a key main character be a black woman on TV is becoming instrumental in the growing black feminism that is developing within the TV world. Black feminism isn't just merely about policing a black woman emulating her voice but also giving her the chance to display that she is versatile and is constantly evolving in life and situations. All the more, her voice matters.


Characters such as Insecure’s Molly and Issa, Chewing Gum’s Tracy, Black-ish’s Rainbow, Being Mary Jane’s Mary Jane Paul and Atlanta’s Vanessa, we are given the opportunity to experience the world that they live everyday as black women. They are mothers,daughters, and black women that are seeking to prioritize esteem and regard in their lives in the way that will provide them assurance,love,  and in their minds, empowerment.  Regardless living in the new millennium, it's still a challenge to secure and monopolize power, control, and simple respect as a black woman. It's hilarious to watch these women constantly be put or put themselves in issues and situations that they are constantly tested as human beings, women, and being black.


Even more entertaining to see these women give their iconic zero policy and no flying crap attitudes that involved problematic characters that are a either a man or white person or just both given in a gift box. Showing the audience that they are liberated, balanced, and that they are a BOSS in life. Rather it's in the workplace, sex, or love, these women have no choice to show their stride and resilience, which means putting their foot down and either doing what stabile for them even if it's temporary. These woman are just trying to figure out and foremost are on the journey of discovering more of themselves.


These women are providing a glimpse into what it means to feel and embrace empowerment and independence, although they might not always right or sure of who they with the choices they make. With navigating through the everyday challenges of life, are we ever truly confident of the choices we make or the woman we wanna be ? Not always, it's a beyond a challenge everyday to be the woman you want to become. Showing us that black women are human beings that are unapologetic yet are quite vulnerable. Despite the screen that separates them from me and you,these women are just as real as it gets. Perhaps A sisterhood is being displayed in this golden age of TV with these women. Although Issa, Molly, Tracy, Rainbow, Mary Jane, and Vanessa are all such different soul sisters. Yet their bond is a sisterhood that we can all relate and connect to as one.