Florida Evans (Esther Rolle)

Florida Evans was the Queen of parenting. Her faith and motivation was admirable! She was submissive when need be but ran everything in her household. Her logic, patience, and wisdom were notable! 

Vivian Banks (Janet Hubert)

Can the real Aunt Viv please stand up? The country hurled when she was replaced. We could never forget Aunt Viv's fearlessness and nurting nature. No one can ever forget how she slayed the dance routine when young women hated on her. Aunt Viv taught us that there is no excuse big enough to not follow our dreams. She was revolutionary and necessary.

Claire Huxtable (Phyllicia Rashad)

Claire Huxtable was a superb multitasker. This mother of 5 and lawyer taught us that nothing was off-limits! She proved that she truly could be every woman. She stopped at nothing to be successful. And she always ensured that she never missed a moment of her kids development. Her grace and poise kept us all in line. 

Harriet Winslow (Jo Marie Payton)

Harriet Winslow was a mother like no other, her self-empowerment. courageous and bold! She took no back-seat to the chaos surrounding her household. 


Nicky Parker (Mo'Nique)

Nicky Parker was the new-age mom extremist! Her exoticism and creative lens were inspiring. The teen-age mom wasn't afraid to take the journey back to college with her young daughter. We watched this mom learn while she taught. She was reflective of the changing family dynamic, and still managed to overcome her challenges with humor. 

Rochelle Rock (Tichina Arnold)

Rochelle played absolutely no games when it came to the well-being fo her family! Her love for her husband Julius, and her eagerness to be as informative and nurting to Chris, Drew and Tonya made her the mom to be. She is Bad & Boujee personified! The mom from the hood who stopped at nothing to see her kids succeed. 


Janet "Jay" Kyle (Tisha Martin-Campbell)

Teenage mom turned business woman Jay Kyle had a phenomenal track record of winning! Paired with her husbandMichael, the two created a satirical mastermind. Her edge kept her teens on their toes! This mom knew just how to prepping her kids for the real world experience.