Women of Color In Solidarity

Women of Color In Solidarity

Unlike my usual Saturday's in bed watching Law and Order Criminal Intent, I rose from bed eager to start my day. After hours in line at Buffalo Exchange for the Earth Day sale, I headed to Serafina's for brunch. A few slices of Orange-Cinnamon french toast later, my boss chick, of a girlfriend and I headed to "Women of Color in Solidarity!" 

As I entered the space, harmony abounded my body cavity. Smiles were shared between Spirit, I and the circle of beautiful women. I could feel their energies vibrating within me. We were all there for a reason. For a purpose. For a better understanding, but most importantly to heal each other. 

As Spirit begun the sister circle our chairs were blessed with affirmations and mini journals. I was greeted by magnanimous sisters who desired spiritual wellness. As women who are underrepresented and disrespected consistently we require safe spaces. Spirit's ability to simply life's complexity and promotion of happiness accountability are lessons I will travel with daily. 


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