As you enter your week, I challenge you to be strong enough, to be Melanin enough, to “chuck the deuces” to anyone trying to steal your shine! Often times we forget just how important it is to love ourselves more despite friendships, relationships, or loved ones. And at times, it is perfectly applicable to put yourself to the side for that special someone. But never is it ok to relinquish yourself for someone who wouldn’t do the same for you or is just to selfish to appreciate all you have to offer. Hold your head high and your standards even higher. Expect nothing less than what you are willing to give and always appreciate the lesson of loss.


My Own Best Friend

Just because you cry does not mean I must run.

And just because you hide does not mean I cant seek the sun.

Come to you to cater to your sorrow

And sacrifice my plans of a greater tomorrow?

Why do that? Give up on me?

Its not my fault you’re trapped and I’m free.

True. I am invested in you through my love

But that does not mean your wellbeing places above.

Because the way I feel for you is only a reflection,

The true image stems from self loves projection.

You see you needed me because of what I embody,

Such passion to live, to turn up the party.

The light in my eyes; like flame to moth

And color of my spirit bright as Kente cloth.

All I am I chose to give.

But your many transgressions are past forgive.

Now you’ll learn “What’s giveth he taketh away”

For misusing my love, it’s the burden you pay.

And no, it's no hard feelings or motives of malice

I simply host no thieves inside my palace.

No more taking without intent to give

I hold tight to my happiness. I chose to live.


Written By: Raven Noelle