The Reason I Closed My Safe House

The Reason I Closed My Safe House

2 am FaceTime Calls, caressing your lucious mane, and running to your rescue are all factors of the typical millennial love story. In that story, also includes selfishness wrapped in the concept of "self-love". The ideology of obligation and the misuse of intentions. 

Obligation is defined "as an act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound; a duty or commitment." When you open your life to others energies you begin to resent your obligation to them. You  

The Safe House was somewhere between my arms and my bank account. There was a constant  link betweeen someone else's lesson and my pockets. The "I need you," text becoming a craving. Everyone wants to feel needed, useful, and wanted. To provide someone or something the comfort to be able to rely on you. You get to be the hero. But are you really helping if you're always saving? Enabling people to become dependent on you is a jeopardizing game. 

You do not need to be accessible to everyone. A helping hand is only supposed to help for that moment it is not supposed to be permanent. When we release our hand we allow God and the ancestors the ability to take control of the situation. 

If my safe house is for you, than where is my safe place?  How can I utilize you in my life if you are no where to be found in my development, enrichment, in my pain, and in growth. 

Written By: Shavonne Taisha