Is YouTube Stunting Your Growth?

Is YouTube Stunting Your Growth?

I think one of the worst mistakes you can make for your hair after "the big chop", or transitioning to natural, is comparing your journey to YouTube personalities. Many of the most popular YouTube stars, have looser curl patterns, or hair that doesn’t require much care to flourish. So, most likely you won’t be watching someone go on a journey to healthy hair. When I did the "big chop", my curls weren’t defined at all; I literally had to train them to coil the way I knew they could.

There isn’t much help where training you hair is concerned on YouTube. I think the best way to tackle that challenge is finding a YouTuber with a curl pattern that resembles your own and work from there. Then, figure out what your hair porosity is. Honestly, after I did the porosity test, I feel like the gates of natural hair heaven opened up and I suddenly had the answers to all my prayers. 

Porosity is pretty much your hairs ability to accept and retain moisture. It can tell you more about your hair needs than your curl pattern can and once you know whether your hair has high, low or medium porosity, you can finally pick the products that will work best for you.

Knowing this information can help you save money and time. You'll successfully be avoiding products that may not work for you. So my advice would be to head to YouTube only after you’ve spent a couple of weeks getting to know your hair.  Find advice that suits your needs specifically. Do your research and don’t get discouraged! Maintaining natural hair isn’t easy at first, but with the right information and practice you’ll be your own natural hair goals.


Written by: Twanna F.