Ego, The Quiet Killer

Ego, The Quiet Killer

We gather monthly, we meet, and we organize, and we list what's wrong in our communities. What areas require improvement. But those list often neglect ego, the silent killer crawling between the lines of confidence , self love and pride. 

Ego is that voice telling you that your art belongs to no one else but you. It is that aching in your throat that holds your truth from rolling off your tongue like bad weeds. 

When leaders argue over who does more and who has a larger following they completely demolish their self respect. Yet still we have leaders who would rather use their platforms for self than to actually build. There are so many art platforms in New York City and few leaders contributing their funds to charitable work. 

When we are focused on being known rather than our mission, we fail not only ourselves but those looking up to us. 

As you make your bed bed at night be careful what thoughts and ideals slide beneath the sheets with you. Be that greed, need for power, or energy.