That Super Duper Black Love

That Super Duper Black Love

There is just something about love that makes us love love even when we hate it. It's addictive and it hurts but it's always warms the soul But when love is display and drenched in Melanin., it glows. Something about seeing the beauty, strength, and power that comes from Black love.When you see That Michelle and Obama love, That Will and Jada love, That Gina and Martin love. That’s that explicitly blunt beauty of black love. 

I’ve seen multiple displays of love throughout my life, never experienced love (hope too), but always was enticed by that super real black love Mary J would sing about. Black love has always been sensationalized through movies and TV and it was profoundly aspiring for the black community to be able to see black love.  Watching reruns of Martin and Gina and wishing for a love like that was entertaining but I yearned to see that in reality. I wanted to see it in flesh. I wanted to see us make it a reality. The rise of social media and blogging has opened doors to cultivating a new wave of representation of black love. We see the evolution of black unity that is being exhibit in so many different styles and forms of black love. Social media display of black love is creating such an explicit impact on the black community and how we perceive love. It’s giving us hope,enthusiasm, and reassurance that as black people we can co-exist and be successful in finding and being love. that is absolutely breathtaking and captivating. It’s affirming to have a platform that shows such compelling and inspirational displays of the different variations of love,whether it’s interracial or LGBT black love. 

That influences me and all the other hopeless romantics that black love MATTERS. In fact, it proves that LOVE MATTERS and that it’s out there and we just have to keep the optimistic search ongoing. It’s still shows empowerment, unity, joy, loyalty, and love. The Obamas, Gina and Martin, Will and Jada are types of love that are GOALS. In fact, they have something I’m sure we all hope to acquire in life with that special someone. We can’t clone their love and I think that’s the overwhelming joy that I see when I see black love. Black love is able to exist beyond media, it’s able to be right in front of me and you in every way. And that’s the true beauty of black love. We can want it. We can embody it and to share an even more defined connection to one another. It’s up to us to mold out our own world of love. Also check out some links below that display black love through breathtaking images!


-Melyssa W