College Opt-Out

College Opt-Out

Five years ago I sat in my room texting. I had already applied to 8 colleges and my parents were not paying for my additional applications. 

My dear friend found his way to my home with an envelope containing an extra hundred dollars. "Here kid-go be great." We embraced , and shortly after I found myself in my room journaling.

The page begun, " Today I met a real man a gentleman, not because he wanted anything but to see me be black and educated." Nearly five years later and two degrees in, I wish I would've opted out. 

As a young, black, creative I often find myself in positions where companies are astounished by my accomplishments. Companies congratulate me for how much Ive done in four years, and how much I really "know." Yet somehow my resume is not adequate enough for hire.  

Internships, jobs, my blog, and working abroad seemingly never meet the mark. I witnessed friends who never studied in an institution flourish outside, making strides daily, working for large media firms and publications. One could only believe that, not attending school -OPTING OUT of college was the best decision they made. Life experience + YouTube University + TED Talks = greatness.

That simple equation is one that could've spared me loans, stress, and thinning hair.