Manifesting Your Glow Up Every Season

Manifesting Your Glow Up Every Season

By Twanna F. 

We wear confidence like clothes. Hunched backs, crossed arms, and eyes low depict an outfit of low self-esteem. And the people around us can either spot it within seconds or overlook us because of it. Living in NYC, its more likely the latter because everything is so fast-paced; you can easily become invisible. Personally, I’ve struggled with low self-esteem since middle school and now that I’m a senior in college I’m just beginning to shed those uncomfortable layers of doubt. In my journey to loving the skin I’m in I have found that most of my “flaws” only exist because I am trying to emulate others. I now understand that people appreciate authenticity, and in being my true self I receive more praise from others. More importantly, I can praise myself for creating room to grow comfortably into the person I’m supposed to be. So, I just wanna share some tips that have been helping me work towards my “Glow Up”.


Throughout the day I remind myself to sit up straight, keep my head up and avoid literally curling into myself. Bad posture screams low self-esteem and makes you feel smaller than you really are. Make your presence known and don’t be afraid of being seen.


I don’t feel beautiful every day, but I tell myself that I am. I look in the mirror and say it out loud. I find at least one thing I love about myself, like my eyes, and I make that my focus point. As you keep reminding yourself to focus less on flaws and more on attributes those flaws become less important.


I have always been self-conscious when it comes to my smile. I would cover my mouth while laughing or put my head down, but lately I’ve been making a conscious decision to laugh loud and proud. It makes me happier and invites others in.


In high school I struggled with acne and it affected the way I saw myself. I hated looking at my skin and I hated when other people looked at me. Some factors causing the acne were my diet and lack of knowledge concerning what my skin needed. I now understand that because I have sensitive and oily/combination skin I need a cleanser that is fragrance-free, a good toner and a balancing moisturizer. My skin is far from perfect but it’s much better than before and my confidence has improved because of it.

Dress to Impress

Impress yourself! Adding color to your wardrobe makes a big difference in itself. Once you know what colors work best for your skin and hair you can wear them more often. Specifically, for us women/men with melanin, warm colors look great on us.


These tips won’t solve anything overnight, but with consistency and tons of effort you can come closer to being more confident in yourself. Feel free to add your own tips and tricks so you can tailor this list to your life. Self-esteem and success go hand in hand. Whether it’s at work, school or in following your dreams the first step is having confidence in yourself.