Adults Sexualize Everything

Adults Sexualize Everything

By Shavonne Taisha

Makeup on kids doesn't promote pedophilia, but you do. Each and every Halloween someone's tired "Auntie" projects her tilted-wig wearing energy onto a cute video of parents dressing-up their children.  I scrolled through Instagram in dismay at the amount of adults saying famous Makeup Artist, Ellarie was "setting her child up." All Ellarie did was post a video of her completing makeup and wig for her daughter, Yoshi's Moana impersonation. 

Ellarie has mastered being a "mommapreneur" who gladly showcases her little angel all over social media. Ellarie has single-handedly built multiple brands to supply several sources of income for her and her child. Yoshi Doll is seen in multiple videos having her natural hair style by her fabulous mom. Yoshi is a six year old social media diva, who cannot be stopped! 

Allowing children to play dress up fuels their imagination. Supporting their vision of their favorite character while simultaneously teaching them to love themselves and their reflection is the balance we all search for. It provides children a safe and open communication with their parents while building unbreakable bonds. Keeping in mind, this look is not for every day, but one day a year a parent can choose to dress their children however they deem appropriate for their age. 

This minor instance, highlights a much larger problem. A pedophile is going to be a pediphile regardless of if you dress your child in a turtle with two pom-poms pertruding from their head, or a shiny lipgloss with a two piece bathing suit.  A child wearing makeup is still a child. Blaming children, for the mental diseases of others is unremarkably disgusting.  A parent can only do so much to protect their child from the influences and projections of the world outside of their home.  Many people have so much to say about this, but seemingly fall silent when abuse is transparent in their own homes. 

It is our job as a community to protect the innocence of those who cannot protect themselves. We must use our voices in a coherent and effective way to stand against any cycles of abuse amongst all of our children. Telling a mom not to dress her child up because of how a pedophile may see them, is much like saying "don't wear a certain color, because there are gangs." One doesn't pertain to the other. Chasticising a parent won't make anything better. If you seriously feel a child's safety is in jeopardy, do your job and report it.