Hadassah: Behind the Vision

Hadassah: Behind the Vision

It was winter 2015 and we were crowded into Sehiii Gallery, Canon swinging from my neck. I raised it as a her pink locks appeared between broad shoulders and hoodies. Her melodies were arms hugging us all. Reminding us that pain comes with great triumph.


Who is Hadassah? "Hadassah is a person who expresses herself through song and wants to share that with the world." Despite being encouraged to study law, upon graduating college she chose to pursue music. Using her office job to invest in her true career her hustle is real. After once being told she needed to experience life in order to sing soul, her voice has launched into final form. 


In a year she has conquered her stage fright, and her mother's death. Any other brick that has been thrown at her she has stood on as a podium. That is the definition of "God-is." The release of "Oakmere Drive" gave fans an unlimited amount of resources for those nights you want to lose yourself in a room. Hadassah's sultry pain has a way of gripping your issues by the throat and shaking it out! Songs like "Visions" are reminders of adolescence and coming of age.


Hadassah's creative direction is astonishing. From "Heaven's Basement,"  to her upcoming project each song is visually captured in a mystical way that can only be described as melanin magic. Featured by AfroPunk and Fader, Hadassah has only scratched the surface of her breakthrough. 


She has remained our Artist of the Year. Hadassah had the keys. She believes that "Artist must be patient and try not compare themselves to others. It gets easier when you just create." And Hadassah has done just that. With one ep after the other.  We only hope that her success triples.