Orisha Love: We Have To Make Poetry A Movie.

Orisha Love: We Have To Make Poetry A Movie.

Loud. Black. Bold. Brilliant. Powerhouse. Orisha Love stands in a  category of her own. Orisha Love is a role model to melanated women who strive to be dual in expression and fearlessness. 

Months ago Orisha entered a poetry contest. She was told that if she won she would be able to publish a book. Orisha decided to self-publish. After contemplating making a chapbook she decided to compile all poems written over the past 5 years.

From heartbreak, abortions, family domestic violence, police brutality,and  breakups. 

Much like other underground artist, Orisha dipped into her local resources. Orisha will be making all the books by hand. They will be available for pre-order April 15th. 

Orisha wanted different ways to incorporate different forms of art. "This project is more than a book, it's imperative to the conversation of blackness and everything that I am giving shows a part of the lifestyle many people have never seen before. A lot of the time I thought of how to deliver the message in a way no one has down before."

A year ago, Anastasia Warren (SVA) saw Orisha perform at Wild Cafe. “We have to make this a movie. Have to make your poetry a movie.” I for one could only imagine Orisha in front of camera shooting a poem. Something abstract and candescent. 

After a year of  filming, Orisha plans to premiere the 6-7 minute film at her upcoming book release party. Orisha plans to venture into different realism of art. 

Orisha is toying with the idea of flowers in film, graphics, project.  “this is my reef, I’m using it remembrance of everyone who has been killed the whole project encompasses the idea of reconciliation, closure not forgiveness but acceptance." 

If you would like to support the completion of her project, CLICK THE LINK BELOW: 



Written by: Shavonne Taisha