By Shavonne Taisha


When I first spotted Freakquencee at Sunday Funday in Brooklyn,  the first thing I noticed was her ability to move the crowd in ways I had never seen. This gentle calm spirit gathered onto the stage and within moments the crowd was jumping, laughing, hugging, and vibing to the beat. Her energy is not only transparent but it illuminates through her music. Months went by and I never saw her again. Suddenly her name appeared above mine on the flier for the "Who You Calling A Bitch : Female Concert Series." I knew that only destiny could bring such light my way. 

We spoke briefly and before I knew it we were filming. Hat hiding her almond eyes, Freakquencee's face becoming shadowed with the reality of this day. Her voice calm, measured, and soothing- even when sharing some of her darkest hours exclusively for us. Learning about Freakquencee's past changed the dynamic of how her artistry is so impactful. It makes song's like "Stephen Curry" mean so much more. 

In a time where Freakquencee still battles anxiety and depressiom, her music and authentic sound speaks volumes to who she is in the industry and who she will become. This hit single , although undergorund has helped grow a  tremendously supportive fan base. Her ability to continue despite past turmoil is not only brave but what makes her the epitomy of a woman. Freakquencee although first appearing shy-- Shows us that despite labels we are all ONE HUMAN. ONE BODY with different minds and thats beautiful. Being an "Aggressive Female," has never limited her, but has always allowed for her to be multifaceted, multidimensional, gritty, sensitive, and a beautiful soul. 

Stephen Curry is only the first of many to come, and we are beyond excited for her journey as our artist, as our idol, and as representative of the Underground.