Shavonne Marshall-Wells

11 Times Blacktresses Embodied STRENGTH

Shavonne Marshall-Wells
11 Times Blacktresses Embodied STRENGTH

1. When Robin Stokes, showed us how easy it is to let a "clown" go.  



2. The moment Bernadine Harris, showed us how to leave your mark!


3. Aunt Viv, danced off the screen into our hearts! Proving that not only does, black not crack, but age is nothing but a number.

4. When Joan Clayton, reminded her sisters of the end goal on Girlfriends

5. When Maya proved that self love is the best love of all.

6. The time, Yasmine (The lady in Yellow) taught us that our bodies, are ours and no one elses.

7. When Jo, (The Lady in red) spilled the tea! And overcame.

8. When Olivia Pope reminded us to never settle.

9. When Julisa taught Whitley that no price tag could buy her respect. 

10. When Maxine Shaw taught her sisters the importance of self-reliance, self-care, and self-love. Shh-iiitttt! She is black girl magik. 

11. Gina and Pam, for having each other's back at every stage of their lives on and off screen.