50 Shades of Dating A Struggling Artist

50 Shades of Dating A Struggling Artist

"I don't date broke, I'm not happy with broke, that's why I get my ass up and I work everyday. I don't want to be laid up with nothing else broke.I dont date broke. There's nothing wrong with that. Maybe you're happy struggling to paying bills, you're happy taking care of a man, but it doesn't work for me." I nodded along listening to Marlo Hampton preach to a bunch of women about why dating a broke man isn't beneficial. But I tredded down her instagram and found a video of her #ASKMARLO Q&A. "Marlo where did you get your money from?" She then lifted a sign that said "Sugar Daddy."My how quickly we forget. How easily we will sell ourselves for the capital.

Some of the hardest working people I ever met were broke. NOT BECAUSE THEY SAT ON THEIR ASSES, OR MADE ANY MISTAKES, but simply because those were the cards life dealt. From project buildings, roaches in the cabinets, creeky beds, and cold wood floors I observed them in their environment. Something they would never get used to. Something they thrived long nights and early morning wishing their four walls would multiply.

In a world where people are constantly idolizing false things it is indeed hard to meet someone who's priorities are realistic.  Granted everybody wants money; Everybody wants the opportunity to not only look great but feel great! Ofcourse you could say that if your bank account allowed enough cusion to support your dreams!  Money provides so many opportunities for expansion but so does heart. 

Remember the first artist you dated? Me too. Somewhere between that eyeroll is the rememberance that your love was something you once faught for, you once begged for and craved. You didn't do so for the attention, for the notabiltiy, but you loved them for their passion, their imagination and their grind

A starving artist is defined as someone who "sacrifices material well-being in order to focus on their art work or media." Struggling artist live on minimum expenses. Their disposable income goes directly toward their art projects and presentation. A strugglling artist may not be able to provide you with luxury clothing, designer accessories and handbags but what they will always ensure is that you are genuinely happy. If they could afford the means to provide you material things they would.

I never dated an artist for an opportunity, nor to be apart of the "come-up," rather I dated struggling artist to be a true supporter, to love them unconditionally to provide resources, to shares our talents and encouragement and to build each other in ways that are undeniable.You never know how your relationship with someone could change their life. Whether for better or for the worse, each experience is just that! A learning outcome.  

If your relationship can survive the groupies, the hating bestfriends, the constant dfferent energies surrounding you, the rumors, the blood sucking leeches, then why not love a struggling artist. Why not love the creative who with resources can do what ever they put their mind to? 

There are a million ways I can end this article. I can't tell you who to choose, but I will remind you of something A Different World taught me.

DWAYNE :What kind of husband do you want?

WHITLEY: What kind do you think?

DWAYNE: Rich..

WHITELY : I would like a man whose educated, enterprising and ambitious.

DWAYNE: So you would't mind if he was poor?

WHITLEY: That type of man is never poor.