Shavonne Marshall-Wells

2016: The Year That Played Us by Melyssa W.

Shavonne Marshall-Wells
2016: The Year That Played Us  by Melyssa W.


2016 needs to be blocked, reported, and terminated. This year had me shook. A year that had the world shook. I need to go off on 2016, I have too. I feel as if hope and solidarity was lost this year as it hit personally but also immensely societally. Can I just say that it was complete chaos this year? It was just a hot mess. I felt I was not only being messy in my personal life, but so was the rest of the world? 2016 needed to be canceled or at least someone need to call a timeout.

The unbelievable misfortune this year will go down in history. Personally, I was confused as hell this. Globally, we saw many countries go through political transitions that involved violence and destruction that completely affected civilians in devastating conditions. Many civilians from Syria and Aleppo became refugees seeking support and aid from countries that decided not to ignore them. Bombings in idolized countries such as France,Germany, and Italy brought more dismay and fear for terrorism. Prejudice against Muslims was brought to a new high. In Amerikkka, we saw our fellow citizens elect Donald Trump, a man with no experience, who regards politics as a hobby. Trump --  who advocated for approval of white supremacy, xenophobia, bigotry ,and hatred into office.

Unfortunately, 2016 is seeing the exit of our first black family, the Obamas. I’m still in denial-- hoping that Trump and his family won’t even have the chance to gain access to the white house (can you tell I’m still grieving). Not to be forgotten, we witness unexpected shocking deaths in pop culture of legendary celebrities. From David Bowie, Prince, Bill Nun, Alan Thicke, George Michael to Carrie Fisher recently. We saw an increase in police brutality against young melanin men and women. As well as incarnation numbers sparking through black and brown communities. You would think with how recognized and globalization infamous “Black Lives Matter” had become this year, we would have seen a change. We are still striving for equality and respect for our lives.

2016 was a year that I despised and felt that I had failed at terribly. Everything that even tried to go up went down fast and it took me a minute to recognize myself again. However, it was a year of growth and self -awareness. I became more self-aware of my being, learn to appreciate myself and actually started to comprehend that I have a purpose on in this lifetime. Realize my self-worth, value, and my limits. Finally decide to start the journey of loving myself and to stop the inconsistence in this trip. I think about the negativity that was faced this year dealing with love, responsibilities, family situation, and dark period. I’m grateful for that period in my life, life lessons were born out of those situations. I will never discredit the growth that was weeded from those dark times. I’m sure many of us feel the same this year, but we made it and we owe it to ourselves now to conquer 2017. Entering 2017 should be a healing year for us all.

For anyone that experienced misfortune, pain, loss, defeat or any sort of negativity this year. I offer my condolences, understanding, and encouragement to live fearlessly in the new year. We can recover from this year with strength, boldness, passion, more self-love, appreciation for others and life. We can now learn how to protect our aura and to submerge it with as much positivity as possible. Mind you, negativity will always brush over us but we must find ways to deal with this. Learn how to control it. 2017 will finally be the year to take control of life to strive for pure greatness. Long as we continue to grow in the new year, it will improve our experience of being on this planet.  I’m sure the animosity that we have for 2016 will probably wear down as the years pass down. Who knows we might look at this year and laugh and just think how dramatic we were being.