Shavonne Marshall-Wells

Feathers by Niki G.

Shavonne Marshall-Wells
Feathers by Niki G.

Little egg

This is my hidden nest 

Where new life is made 

You were born to be the best 


Little egg

How finely you have opened up

Here is your hidden nest 

It's secret 

It's yours 

Be careful not to get knocked up 

Outside your head 


Little egg 

Look at them dancing in the square

Those chase feathers with long and straight 

These get swept up easily in the wind 

You must never go there 


Little egg

Watches from above 

They peck and sneak 

They rise and rise until they fall

They do what has been deemed a sin

Is that love? 


Little egg

Is no longer a name of mine 

Shattered are the dreams of being feather-like 

My wings have grown unruly 


But I still remember the time of fine feathers Light, white feathers

Overshadowing mine