Shavonne Marshall-Wells


Shavonne Marshall-Wells

She told me she was abused.

Someone felt it was their right to intrude 

And claim her jewels for their pleasure.

Don't let them tell you, "well he didn't know any better",

Don't let them tell you that you gave in under pressure,

There are NO excuses.

Far from a man, he's a coward

He has no power over you.

When I hold you,

I hold tight.

My arms are home, you don't need to fight any longer.

Allow yourself to see that you deserve all that I have to offer.

Free yourself of your conscience,

You're a goddess, not an object,

You have the potential of a prophet.

She told me she was abused.

I told her to look in the mirror, 

I said "that's what a muse looks like",

You are strong, you have the power to strike down 

Any clown, 

Parade your way through any town,

Don't hold back any sound, say it loud.

And that's nothing other than the truth. 

His actions don't define you. 


By Tally Schwen