How to Love A Melanin Queen

How to Love A Melanin Queen


Our sisters/Queens are the most oppressed, overly sexualized bodies in this world. As such, they move with heavy hearts and heavy minds, forced to be mindful of every action when truthfully she can be multifaceted. The first thing she looks for is the respect of a man who will provide more than sex, but security and support. 

2) Support her drive!

Your genuine enthusiasm for her accomplsihments will leave her forever excited to be by your side. Her passions should interest you just as much as your interest her. Help guide her focus and never allow her to be distracted by you. Her goals and aspirations will have a domino effect on anyone following her.

3) Laughter is medicine!

We have been through enough as a people! It's okay to laugh , A LOT!  It provides that healthy balance we all look for and help build a relief space for her.


Be ready to put that crown on her every day that she leaves your side. Let there be no loose ends. Make it known. If she is your Queen, no one else should stand in the way of her. 


An alpha female, needs an alpha male. Together their love will cease all that isn't light and pure! As her King you should be able to support your lives spiritually , emotionally, and financially. Never let what you dont have limit you from loving her and providing to the best of your ability. 


Queens are not listening to the tired #NOTEP lines of 2016, "I want to build with you." Once you utter those words your actions should speak volumes. This was the year of manifestation so if growth isn't on your mind, she shouldn't be either. Progress > Stagnance. 


Black women are known for their nearly obsessive defense of everything black, including black men. She wants to know her guards are not in vain and that her love for you will be reciprocated and then some. So show her how its done. 

8) Match her.

...And We are not talking about herbs. A Queen wants nothing more than for her success to be matched by a lover as bright, bold, black, and loving as her. A Queen needs to know her King is taking the necessary measures to be educated, openminded, and well cultured. Intelligence is not only addicting but its so sexy!  

9) Invest in her wisely

A great relationship is an investment. If you are not in the place to add her to your life, please don't. Whether still pondering over an ex, waiting on the world to change, money, what have you, love her when you have yourself as together as possible. She requires a man that she won't have to "fix" but a man that completes her wholeness.

10) 1+1 = A BETTER DEAL!

Dont be her better half, be her whole! 

11) OPEN UP!

Trying new things can be frightening for anyone, but it builds character. Your partnership will fail if you aren't open to new ideas and experiences. You should be eager to learn with your partner and express your inner workings to her. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first if you aren't used to being open and honest with a woman, but allowing yourself to be vulnerable will ultimately lead to you both gaining more strength.


Brothers if she's as special as we know this may require you to level up!