How to Love A Melanin King

How to Love A Melanin King

1) Be a partner, not a cheerleader.

Yes! There is a major difference. A cheerleader is an additional mascot for her team. But a partner not only encourages peace but also focuses on growth , a partner is a apart of every moment, the wins the losses and is apart of the plan to make it better.  Your support is cherished and adored.

2) Be his peace.

I have spent many months trying to answer the question as to why I'm single. And it suddenly all made sense. I wasn't bringing peace. I was drama. Bringing negativity, old anger, old hurt, and more concerned with being  right than teaching. Peace can set a firm foundation and will enable loyalty to be easier. Communication is imperative! Listen to learn, not to respond. Stubborness and bratty behavior is not attractive pass the age of 3.

3) You're not his mother, and you don't have to be.

You don't have to raise a man but you should as his woman help nurture his dreams without selfish desires. Don't exploit his love for your gain. You won't have to order a King who loves you to share time, energy, love, etc he will do so willingly. Nagging hasn't gotten us anywhere, but stereotyped.

4) Protect yo' energy & his.

Independence and self care is key. You can not love anyone until you love yourself. Your self care will allow you to care for others. Your King will love and respect the time you take to cater to you! Set boundaries that fit your partnership and watch it bloom respectively. You're energy represents him, so rep yo' set! 

5) Pray with him, dont lay with him.

Feed his spirit before anything else. Allow the most high/god/ancestors to guide your relationship. A spiritually aware woman, speaks from her soul, before her lips even part. Her fire burns without being sparked. Her spiritually can provide him the knowledge to gain a relationship with God.

6) Loyalty and Patience is key!

Time is important! The time you spend getting to know someone can help you to understand if this person is the right choice for you. You don't have to settle, there is an uprising of kings, and it is bountiful. Queens spend extended periods of time, learning , observing and getting to know their King. Patience teaches King's that you want a long term bond not a short run.

7) Check your agenda!

Ambition is priceless! A well educated, goal-oriented or agenda-oriented Queen has been commonly discussed.Be willing to offer yourself things, stress your goals. A King wants to know his woman is thriving with or without him. She has her own image, her own talents, her own gifts and her own resources. You should be his other whole, not half! Intelligence, and drive will attract a King who's willing to crown you. Ambition is priceless! A well educated, goal-oriented or agenda-oriented Queen has been commonly discussed.

8) Lose the attitude!

(If you have one.) Check those bags at the door! You don't need to bring in any extra baggage. Your warmth and  aura will attract what you deserve. Projecting anything but life will bring dead weight to your steps. A King will try his best to resolve issues, but he shouldn't have to fight your past. Who you were six month ago is not the same person you are now.

9) Communicate!

Be open, be honest, be free.


Encourage your partner and educate him. If you are more knowledgeable in one area you can help him grow in it. Additionally, when it comes to showing you love, you know yourself the best.  Don't put him down for not immediately understanding how to love you. Teach him your likes, and dislikes. Teach him passion and tenderness. Teach him how to remain grounded  and how to express what he is feeling. Lessons like these will help him become a better lover for you and vice versa.


Name your future children after us <3